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Rosacea is a common but poorly understood long-term (chronic) skin condition that mainly affects the face.Symptoms begin with episodes of flushing (when the skin turns red).As well as avoiding known triggers, certain medicines can help control flare ups. As rosacea can affect your appearance, some people find they experience feelings of low self-esteem or frustration.You should speak to your doctor if you are feeling depressed.If you suffer from flushing, blushing rosacea, like “poor” Renée Zellweger and Cameron Diaz, then you’ve got one of the most extreme manifestations of sensitive skin.Actually, it shouldn’t be called “sensitive”, as if its feelings have been hurt.If you are looking for makeup for rosacea, this video will show you exactly the right products and techniques to use. Her skin is not caked with makeup, but it has luminosity and brightness. What other makeup tips would you like to offer the women in our community?

Rosacea is a particular problem for Celtic types who have fair skin that’s extremely photosensitive and tends to overreact in harsh environments – our biblical flood conditions for example.It should be called bad-tempered, because that’s what it is.This is a condition that tends to make its presence known at the most inconvenient times – on a first date, say, or the morning of your daughter’s wedding.It is more common in women (particularly during menopause) than men.Although rosacea can develop in people of any skin color, it tends to occur most frequently and is most apparent in people with fair skin.

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