Avg stuck in updating mode

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Avg stuck in updating mode

Hi there, Recently, my computer has been very strange... If you did, boot the disk, when the first prompt to choose language & keyboard layout press Shift F10, it'll bring up a Command Prompt, just type in -I tried to uninstall AVG via the command line, but I could not work out how to do this after many attempts.I have been having unwitnessed BSODs (showing up in the reliability monitor), lots of hardware errors in the reliability monitor and multiple programs stopping working. Hi there, That would seem very logical as I have probably had AVG on all my other installations in the past. So, I thought I could boot from a linux live cd and delete the AVG files from there. I have now managed to rename the folder in program files. I recently upgraded to Version 1511 of Windows 10 Home. Everything was working beautifully then out of nowhere the Home machine just stopped accessing the public folder on the Pro machine saying it didn't...What Derek said didnt work, it still gave the same error when I try to re-install AVG, if someone would point me to a place where I could find that "registry lesson" -_- I would be thankful, I was told this is a help forum that guides you how to solve ur PC issues..anyway, guapo thanks for ur efforts, I appreciate it buddy with all that uve helped me, and whatever u say more I will use.. I can understand some reluctance for helpers in terms of the complexities of the registry.The real lesson would take pages and pages, plus experience. The help given on here is free in folks spare time, so it's not a case of what the forum does but how much time individual people are prepared to spend on posts.The troubleshooting steps I took to try to solve these issues were: updating all drivers, testing ram with memtest86 (8 passes OK), testing the hard drive with Sea Tools (all ok) and refreshing windows 10. Is there any way that I could uninstall AVG when the computer won't boot to the desktop (e.g. However, after trying multiple distros and disks, all of them do not boot up, they simply hang on the start up screen. However, now when the computer boots, instead of the AVG message freezing, I now get the Windows startup screen continuously loading! I have been using it for almost a week without problems, but all of a sudden this morning it is booting to a picture screen showing the date and time. HI, My Bluetooth headphones have suddenly stopped working. The headphones are connected and I see it in devices printers but I no longer see it in playback devices. 54880 I have two desktops and a NAS drive on my network. Hi everyone Today my keyboard stopped working, there was a usb error message pop up but i didn't realise what it was about, then then my k70 corsair keyboard stopped working, i tried restarting and doing an sfc scan but nothing changed, then i...

"The standalone update packages (files) will get stuck at "Checking for updates..." if there is a Windows Update session already running in the background on your computer.

It's very rare for Microsoft to release an important security update for Vista SP2 or IE9 outside of Patch Tuesdays so I have permanently set my Windows Update set to "" hangs.

Every Patch Tuesday I install the latest recommended Win32speed up patch and then run a manual Windows Update to install my remaining dozen or so Patch Tuesday updates, and that's usually the only Windows Update I run every month.

We have noticed a large number of calls yesterday and today in relation to users on Windows 7 where the computer sits stuck on a “Starting Windows” page.

The common denominator between all of these incidents is that the computers had AVG Anti-Virus installed.

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It's designed to operate in the background, automatically keeping your system safe and running smoothly.

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