Are pretty girls intimidating

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” Twenty years later, we are still trying to answer this question.

And if we have been mishearing something so simple for so long, we have to wonder what else we have been mistaken about.

Should I just sleep with all types of girls no matter how they look? My answer was "it depends," and while I went into a bit more detail in my response in the comment section, this question's rather a nuanced one...

I actually want to be natural, how do I become natural?

I want to be the best I can be and know I can be better than a pua.

For all the hours she has spent in the public eye prior to this moment, and for the many more hours she will spend there yet, she has been stoic, strong, reserved.

She was famous before, for her skills as an athlete and as a performer, but this moment of anguish will make her an icon.

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It is an intimidating animal, at least by the size.

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